How it works

With your first purchase receive a Smart Bottomless Scale for Free.

It tracks your usage and re-orders the next bag at the perfect time, every time!


Choose your
Pet's food

We offer a wide variety of dog and cat foods, delivered free.


Setup your Bottomless Scale

With your first order you will receive your Bottomless scale, free-of-charge! Setup is as easy as connecting to wifi and your scale will last 9 months on a single charge!


Never run out of pet food again

An order is automatically triggered at the perfect time to ensure you always have pet food delivered on time!

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Why choose us

Eager to know how we stand-out from other subscriptions? Let's find out!


How do we have the best prices?

Our weight-based subscription allows us to source and deliver pet food more efficiently. As a result, products sit in a warehouse only for a few days. We pass these savings on to you!

Therefore, even as a small start-up we are able to offer the best prices on the market.

cheaper prices

Bring smart to
pet food

Using the Bottomless scale, we are able to predict when you will be needing the next bag and place an order at the pawfect time, every time!

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Try it risk-free cancel anytime

With other subscriptions you either have too much or too little. With Bottomless you never have to worry about this ever again!

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Being the best pet parent,
made simple, easy and affordable

Use your own container

The Bottomless scale works with any container! Or you can store the pet food bag on top.

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From our users with love

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How does it work?
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Sync the scale with your WiFi network once, then leave your pet food bag on it. The scale then learns from the consumption and re-orders for you at just the right time.

Do I have control of ordering?
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Yes! You will get an alert 8-12 hours before orders are placed so you have a chance to change your product, postpone or cancel.

You can also customize how "eager" our algorithms are to order for you. We adapt to your needs using real-time data on your consumption.

How much does it cost?
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We offer all pet food brands available in the market. With us, a price match is guaranteed.

$7.99/month - includes shipping and the scale. Free shipping. No limits. No minimums.

For a limited time: 30 days free of membership

Can I use a container with the scale?
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Yes! The scale can easily be "zeroed" with almost any home container or jar.