Coming to Bottomless from a partner site?
Bottomless powers subscriptions by usage for partners.
If you’re a customer who signed up through another website, please see our Partner Customer FAQ.
Subscriptions with
more sign ups and
less churn
Build longer term relationships with more customers with a subscription by usage option.
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Plugin on website
Customers get an additional option on your website to subscribe by usage.
Product on scale
We send your customers a scale with their first order, set to work only with your products.
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Scale triggered orders are sent through your e-commerce platform.
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Consumers are tired of traditional subscription models cycling too slow or too fast. They’ve been burned in the past, having paid for stockpiles of unused merchandise. The result is a rise in so called “subscription fatigue”. Bottomless is the perfect alternative. It offers consumers the convenience of a subscription and the assurance of cycling when they’re ready.

Shopify sellers who have integrated Bottomless alongside traditional subscription options have seen their total subscription sales double. Bottomless customers have 60% lower churn than traditional subscription customers.
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Frequently  Asked  Questions  FAQ
Where do I see my orders?

You can see your orders in Shopify. Orders will be tagged as "bottomless".

How do I handle shipping labels?

You can purchase labels through Bottomless out of the box or integrate with any Shopify app such as Pirate Ship, ShipStation, etc.

How do I manage my product's availability?

You can pick what products are sold through our Shopify widget or set it to sync all of them automatically.

What happens to my customers subscribed to a product that I retire?

Our system automatically migrates that customer to a similar product in your store.

Who pays for the Bottomless scales?

Bottomless provides the scales for free to your customers.

How do payments work?

Customers manage their subscriptions and payments on our platform. We disperse funds to vendors monthly.

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