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How it works

With your first purchase receive a Smart Bottomless Scale for Free.
It tracks your usage and re-orders the next bag at the perfect time, every time!



Choose any GEM product to automatically restock.

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Setup your Bottomless Scale

Setup is as easy as connecting to wifi and your scale will last 9 months on a single charge! The scale will track your consumption and re-order at the perfect time, every time!


Enjoy GEM while never running out

An order is automatically triggered at the perfect time to ensure you always have GEM delivered on time!

Why Bottomless

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Free smart scale

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Automatic re-stocking

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Avoid excess supply

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Delivered at the perfect time

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No commitment, no markups

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10% off, free shipping

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Bring smart to gem

The Bottomless smart scale tracks consumption and predicts the next order ahead of time. You never have to worry about manual re-ordering again!

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Try it risk-free cancel anytime

With other subscriptions you either have too much or too little. With Bottomless you never have to worry about this ever again!

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Cheaper than other retailers,
No markups

We guarantee a 10% drop in price than any other retailer in the market. There are no hidden markups.

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Use your own container

The Bottomless scale works with any container! Or you can store the GEM container/tin on top.

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How does it work?
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Sync it with your WiFi network once, then leave your GEM tin on it. The scale then learns from your consumption and re-orders for you at just the right time.

Do I have control of ordering?
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Yes! You will get an alert 8-12 hours before orders are placed so you have a chance to postpone or cancel.

You can also customize how "eager" our algorithms are to order for you. We adapt to your needs using real-time data on your consumption.

How much does it cost?
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We are 10% cheaper than any other retailer in the market.

$7.99/month - includes scale and 10% OFF on every bag. Free shipping. No limits. No minimums.
For a limited time: 30 days free of membership

Can I use a container with the scale?
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Yes! The scale can easily be "zeroed" with almost any home container or jar.

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